Western Daughter at Treefort 2019

We are a rock band from Boise, Idaho. Here are some nice things that people said about our last record, Driftwood Songs, which came out in 2017:

“[a] captivating and thought-provoking work of art.”
– Northwest Music Scene

“A masterpiece… this record will undoubtedly stand the test of time.”
– Circuit Sweet

“A stunning debut…”
– 36 Vultures

“Among the strongest contenders for my album of the year. 9/10”
– The 405

“The march of time means the landscape for today’s emerging acts is far different to that encountered by the fledgling Nirvana or Modest Mouse. Yet, despite the ever-shifting challenges, the region’s underground remains in rude health; a melting pot of creativity that continues to produce bands and albums that should be cherished. In an area renowned for producing iconic alternative acts, the likes of Strange Ranger, Great Grandpa and Western Daughter look well-placed to take the baton forward. It feels like the dawn of yet another golden age for a scene that always finds a new way to shine.”
– Track7

Western Daughter at Treefort 2019

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